The Irresistible Call of Sunrise

The above image is an early morning photograph I took of the Grand Canyon years ago. It was a breathtaking sight to watch the low-lying clouds pouring into the giant cleft in the earth like a celestial waterfall. Anyone who knows me well knows I am definitely a morning person, and nothing makes me more excited be ‘up and doing’ than a beautiful daybreak. When I wake up and see the radiant glow of the sun approaching the horizon, pressing its vibrant life into the astral darkness ahead of it, I feel the same stirrings within my own soul.

This morning as I stepped out of the house to go to the office I heard enjoyed the birds singing and savored the beautiful sunrise as I rode my bicycle to work in the crisp morning air. The whole world seemed to be bursting with energy and enthusiasm, begging me to get out and get moving with new life on this exquisite day. When the whole of creation is singing, how can you help but spring up and be part of the beautiful daybreak symphony?

And do you know what I love about Reno? Almost every single morning feels that way!