Same-Day CEREC Crowns Are Better Than Traditional Crowns

Why Same-Day CEREC® Crowns Are Better Than Traditional Crowns?

Dental crowns can provide you with a smile that masks a lot of dental issues, like gaps, cracks, yellow, and crooked teeth. In the past, the procedure was intricate and it would need two appointments and many weeks to get your new smile. However, thanks to technological progress, you can now get same-day CEREC® crowns, which indicates that your new teeth are created and fitted on the same day.

Yet, many people are doubtful of new technology. One of the most asked questions is whether there is any difference between a traditional crown and the same-day CEREC® crown procedure. 

The following are some of the differences between CEREC® and traditional crowns:

1. Time & Comfort

A traditional procedure needs two appointments and a few weeks of ga. The first appointment involves a consultation where the dentist will take an impression of your tooth. Specialists at a dental lab will use this impression to design a crown exactly like the structure of your natural tooth. The process can take many weeks. However, a same-day CEREC® crown uses CAM/CAD cutting-edge technology to manufacture a crown in the dental office. Therefore, you do not have to wait for weeks to get your new teeth.

2. Material

Same-day CEREC® crowns are made of ceramic. However, traditional crowns are made of many materials, like ceramic, porcelain, metal, and porcelain-fused-to-metal. Dental crowns that contain metal are long-lasting, as metal bonds very nicely to dentin.

3. Strength

While experts in a lab create the traditional crowns, the end product is a lot stronger than same-day CEREC® crowns. Also, materials like leucite-reinforced ceramic or porcelain-fused-to-metal are only used to manufacture traditional crowns, which makes them stronger and more long-lasting. But, these materials are not aesthetically attractive like ceramic. Therefore, they are not perfect for a dental crown on your front teeth.

4. Temporary Crowns

When a patient decides to have traditional crowns, the dentist will provide them with temporary crowns while they wait for the lab to manufacture their permanent dental crowns. These temporary crowns have a lot of drawbacks. They are uncomfortable, particularly if they move slightly in your mouth. Most of them do not fit correctly, and they can raise the chance of tooth decay because food residue may get under the crown. Same-day CEREC®, on the other hand, has put an end to the need for temporary crowns as you can get permanent crowns in a single dental appointment.

5. Attention To Detail

Same-day CEREC® crowns look aesthetically attractive and natural-looking. Nevertheless, if you need a front tooth that flawlessly matches the next tooth, a same-day CEREC® crown made from ceramic may be ideal.

Same-Day CEREC Crowns In Reno

Same day CEREC® crowns have a lot more benefits than traditional crowns & are designed using advanced technology. If you want a same-day CEREC® dental crown in Reno, contact us to talk to our cosmetic dentist or book an appointment to visit our dental office & let our dental professionals help you decide the best-suited option for your dental condition.

What Do You Do If You Get Something Stuck Between Your Teeth?

what to do if something is stuck between your teeth Reno

Ever get something stuck between your teeth? Of course you have; who hasn’t? At best, something stuck between your teeth is  bothersome, especially if it takes a long time to remove it. At worst it is painful, and requires professional attention, like what we provide at The Reno Dentist in Reno NV.

Some people have narrow and tight spaces between their teeth. They seem more susceptible to getting things wedged in there. It can cause pressure and discomfort, and even pain.

Here are some tips to dislodge what you have stuck between your teeth.

  • The first tip is what not to do. It may be tempting, and may even seem like a good idea. But never use a sharp object on something stuck between your teeth. Repeat, never, not even a toothpick. You may damage your gums or teeth.

Here is what you should try:

  • Rinse your mouth out vigorously. Use lukewarm saltwater. You may need to repeat several times, but this is often enough to loosen whatever is stuck.
  • Dental floss. Dental floss, especially waxed, is excellent for getting things from between teeth. Waxed floss slides easily into tight spaces. If it won’t go in, do not force it.
  • Tie a tiny knot into the floss, to snag the object and free it. But again, never force things.
  • Floss picks with tight strands of floss.

If none of this works, give us a call. At The Reno Dentist in Reno NV we offer emergency dentistry, and will see you as soon as possible. We have helped people in Spanish Springs, Virginia City, and Carson City, who also come to us for general and family dentistry. Schedule an appointment today!

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4 Reasons To Make Sure Your Child Sees A Dentist

Virginia City family dentist

Even though baby teeth are going to fall out, they need the same care a child’s adult teeth will need. In this post from The Reno Dentist in Reno NV we are going to review four reasons why your youngster’s teeth are worth a dental visit.

  1. In most kids, teeth begin to come in around the age of one year. Once they do, it’s time to get them looked at by a professional.
  2. One of the essential things we’ll do at this first visit is clean those young teeth and apply fluoride.
  3. Visiting the dentist at a young age is a great way to help your child get used to the dentist’s office. This will help them to be more relaxed with checkups as they grow older.
  4. Visiting the dentist also helps parents enlist the help of other adults in developing good dental habits in their children.

At The Reno Dentist in Reno NV, the dental health of all our patients is our top priority. Parents from Spanish Springs, Virginia City, and Carson Citybring their kids in for family dentistry. We also offer dental implants and many other services. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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Same-Day Tooth Pain Relief

walk-in dental practice Reno

When you have a toothache, that’s all you can think about. It makes it difficult to handle your everyday tasks.

If the tooth starts hurting after business hours or on the weekend, you may resign yourself to waiting until a traditional dental practice opens.

When others are closed, The Reno Dentist is here for you. We treat walk-in dental emergencies. That means you don’t need to make an appointment.

We will identify the cause of the tooth pain and take care of you.

Is A Toothache A Dental Emergency?

Yes. Here’s why. Tooth pain may be a symptom of a pressing ailment. We are equipped to treat many causes of tooth pain. Your tooth pain may be caused by one of the following:


Eventually, tooth decay can reach the tooth nerve. Ouch! The earlier the issue is addressed, the better your chances of saving the tooth.

Gum disease

Gum disease (or the more serious periodontitis) may cause pain. It should be treated immediately before teeth loosen. At that point, you risk losing them.

Damaged Tooth Pulp

When the inner nerves down in the root of the tooth become infected, an emergency root canal can allow you to retain the tooth. Plus it ends the pain!

Maybe It’s Not Your Tooth

Everything’s connected, right? Problems with surrounding systems can cause tooth pain along with a multitude of other symptoms. Your tooth pain may be caused by an ear or sinus infection.

Whether it’s a disorder with your tooth, or something else, let’s get it taken care of.



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Help For Nervous Dental Patients At The Reno Dentist

Sedation Dentistry in Reno Consider the following scenario: You are stretched out in a chair at the dentist’s office holding a remote as you try to tune into your favorite radio station. A dental assistant clips a paper bib around your neck. Someone clicks on a bright overhead light and you see latex-gloved hands moving toward your open mouth. You close your eyes.

How does this influence you? Does your heart start to beat faster? Are your palms sweaty?

If so, you may be a good candidate for sedation dentistry. Oral sedation benefits nervous dental patients every day. Moderate sedation helps with all types of dental care such as root canals, dental implants, and wisdom teeth removal.

If you are planning to undergo extensive restorative or cosmetic dental work, sedation dentistry may permit your dentist to carry out numerous procedures in a single visit while you remain calm.

Don’t let fear keep you from getting the dental treatment you need. Schedule a visit with Dr. Sykes to learn about conscious sedation.


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Preventive Dentistry At The Reno Dentist

tooth decay pictures at Are you a parent of young children? Do you want them to develop better oral hygiene habits than you did when you were young? Perhaps you have a beautiful smile and want to prevent tooth decay. Many people have a mouth full of fillings and don’t want to add another one to their collection.

At The Reno Dentist, we have a prevention-oriented philosophy of dental care.

Your first step toward dental health begins with a prevention consultation with Dr. Shane Sykes.

Dental patients of all ages need to start with an exam to determine their current status. Your dental condition is influenced by your dietary habits, previous dental work, physical health, medications, lifestyle and family history. After a comprehensive analysis, Shane Sykes can establish a decay prevention plan just for you.

A prevention plan is a multi-faceted approach designed to maintain optimum dental health. It involves affordable preventative services at The Reno Dentist. Twice-yearly exams reveal early problems before they progress. Deep cleanings prevent a multitude of serious dental issues for our patients who faithfully keep their regular cleaning appointments.

Oral health cannot be maintained solely in our office. Daily brushing and flossing is essential. A healthy diet is necessary and will deliver benefits to your whole body – not just your teeth.

If you suspect you have a cavity or gum disease, call us at 775-323-0700 before it gets worse. We can successfully treat your current problems and restore your dental health. In addition, we will set you on the path toward a healthier future.

We can make you look and feel great.

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Creating Beautiful Smiles At The Reno Dentist

Creating beautiful Reno smiles at The Reno Dentist I am glad you found our blog! I’m Shane Sykes, DMD, of The Reno Dentist, a full-service dental practice in Reno. I am a proud member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon Dental Honor Society. My profession is dentistry, but my passion is providing superior and affordable Reno dental care for my patients.

I began serving Nevada residents in the Sparks area back in 2011. Since that time, my profession has undergone dramatic changes which have benefited my Spanish Springs teeth whitening patients and Virginia City tooth restoration patients in many ways.

We offer cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and restorative dentistry.

I know my Reno dentistry patients have many choices for their Spanish Springs dental care and work hard every day to surpass expectations.

I build long-term relationships with my Carson City cosmetic dentistry and Virginia City orthodontic patients. I constantly educate myself on the latest procedures to determine how I can best serve my patients.

My Spanish Springs lumineers patients appreciate the time I take to thoroughly analyze their total oral health. My knowledgeable staff enjoys keeping my Reno family dentistry practice running smoothly so I can concentrate on what I do best—serving my Sparks patients!

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A Standard Of Excellence In Reno

The Reno Dentist provides local dentistry to the residents of Reno and the greater Sparks area.

If you are looking for a trusted dentist, we invite you to consider The Reno Dentist. Dr. Shane Sykes has been keeping smiles healthy and beautiful since 2011. We offer full-service dentistry for every member of your family in a safe and comfortable environment.

Whether you need preventative dentistry to maintain your healthy teeth or restorative dentistry to address all of your dental needs, we are here for you. Dr. Shane Sykes will direct your course of treatment with a pleasant chairside manner and experienced precision.

Combined cosmetic dental procedures makes total smile makeovers possible. Successful smile re-designs require expertise and the eye of an artist. If you need a complete mouth reconstruction, schedule a consultation today.

You can contact The Reno Dentist about dental implants or restorative dentistry, or any other local dentistry service by calling us at 775-323-0700.

Our The Reno Dentist website has useful information about our team and the services we offer. If you are looking for the highest standard of excellence in the Reno, Nevada area, give us a call at 775-323-0700.
We can make you look and feel great


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The Health And Beauty Consequences Of Missing Teeth

Spanish Springs tooth implants

Hello. I am Dr. Shane Sykes. Thanks for visiting my blog. Today’s post focuses on missing teeth and bone health.

Our teeth have many important functions. We need them to chew our food, talk, and smile. But have you ever considered their role in holding up your face? When we lose teeth, the bone around the site of the extraction begins to shrink. This, in turn, causes our facial muscles to sink in and collapse.

We sometimes think of bone as a solid mass, unlike the softer tissues in our body. In reality, below the seemingly rock-hard surface, bone tissue is full of small holes – kind of like a sponge. In the interior bone tissue, the bone is continually regenerating itself. This essential process is sometimes called “bone metabolism.” In the jaw bone, the movements of the teeth stimulate this process of rebuilding. When the tooth is gone, the bone starts to shrink as blood flow is reduced.

Reno people with missing teeth not only have an unsightly gap in their smile, they begin to look older because of the bone recession and eventual facial sagging.  It is not simply an issue of attractiveness – it poses serious health dangers. It may become difficult to chew food, making it harder to get adequate nutrition. Mental health can also be affected when a patient with missing teeth loses confidence in themself or withdraws from social situations because they are self-conscious about their smile.

Modern Reno dentistry to the rescue. Dental implant technology provides a tooth restoration solution that maintains healthy bone metabolism while providing near-normal tooth function. For patients missing many (or all) of their teeth, it may not be possible to replace every single tooth with an implant. In many of these cases, dental implants can be used to provide an anchor for a partial denture.

What if your bone has shrunken so much that there is not enough to support an implant? You may be a candidate for bone augmentation or bone grafting. This procedure is routinely completed with success in the Sparks area and can be done with your own bone, synthetic bone material or bone from a cadaver.

If you are missing teeth, don’t resign yourself to dentures. Tooth implants can provide a unforgettable smile! Schedule a consultation with Dr. Shane Sykes by calling 775-323-0700.

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4 Teeth All In A Row For Nevada

Reno dental financing

Perhaps getting everything lined up for a breathtaking smile can take a bit of finagling. Maybe you’re interested in cosmetic dentistry. At The Reno Dentist, Dr. Shane Sykes is commonly seen working miracles on all types of smiles.

Just the unknown cost of dental implants or the price of invisible braces can paralyze a person from making the move to improve. Ask us about these and the price of dental restorations in general. Call today for a consultation and discussion about restoring your genuine smile of confidence. We’ll plan with you and recommend the best and most straightforward path forward.

Here are 4 ways to get all your ducks (or teeth) in a row for your new smile:

Tooth #1 The Two Front Teeth
Knowing how to get to us will be essential. Find our own “two front doors” at 855 W Seventh St Ste 200 in Reno, Nevada. Jot it down; put it in your phone or GPS; do whatever you have to do. Especially if you’re out in Sparks. We look forward to seeing our patients coming from the Carson City, Spanish Springs, and Virginia City areas.

Tooth #2 The Wisdom Tooth
Do a little research. Image search for before and after smiles and see what’s possible. A little wisdom will go a long way. But, no worries, we’ll take care of educating you about the possibilities if the research is out of your reach. We want our patients wise about the care they can receive.

Tooth #3 The Canine Tooth
Rest assured you are not barking up the wrong tree. Just as a sampling, we offer these services: dentures, Invisalign, root canals, porcelain veneers, and wisdom teeth extraction. It’s likely we are just who you need.

Tooth #4 The Sweet Tooth
Talking with our sweet and knowledgeable staff will be a superb experience. Let them set you up. (775) 525-5692

With all your teeth in a row you are prepared! We hope you’ll settle upon our practice, The Reno Dentist. See you soon.

Shane Sykes
The Reno Dentist
855 W Seventh St Ste 200
Reno, Nevada 89503
(775) 525-5692