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If you are a resident of Reno or the surrounding area and are experiencing migraine headaches, a frequent headache, neck pain or jaw pain, you may be suffering from TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder). These maladies (migraine headaches, headache, jaw and neck pain, etc) can arise from imbalanced forces within the complex forces and components of the jaw. Reno headache relief dentist Dr. Sykes and our team have the technology and training to determine if your pain stems from TMJ issues and, more importantly, solve the issue, give you relief from headaches and help you get back to a pain-free lifestyle.

Migraine Headaches

Patient grimaces as she hopes to find relief from headaches in Reno.Migraine headaches can be so serious they they are literally debilitating. Sound and light-sensitivity, nausea and vomiting may accompany migraine headaches and normal day-to-day activities may trigger a violent migraine. People who suffer from migraine headaches know just how serious the issue is and are nothing short of thrilled when they discover that modern dentistry and technological advancements have developed away to identify, diagnose and treat the root causes of migraines and provide relief from headaches… permanently.

Headache Pain

First, the brain has no pain sensors and can therefore detect no pain. The surrounding tissue, muscles, ligaments, mucous membranes, veins, arteries, nerves, etc. do detect and register pain. Because so many of these sensitive tissues are located in and around the head, there are many factors that can and do lead to a headache. Reno headache relief dentist Dr. Shane Sykes is trained in identifying the affected tissues and effectively treating the concern area in order to eliminate the causes for our patients headache problems.


Get Relief from Headaches in Reno!

Patient was able to get her migraine headaches treated in Reno by TMJ dentist Dr. Shane Sykes.The TruDenta system enables Dr. Sykes to address and solve the root cause of your migraine and headache symptoms. There really is hope. You can be free of migraine headaches, headache, neck pain, jaw pain and the numerous other TMD related symptoms that interrupt your life. Don’t suffer any longer! There’s a bright new future for you that is headache and migraine free.

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