Advanced Headache Treatment in Reno, NV

Dr. Shane Sykes can provide headache treatment and neck pain relief, making TMJ issues disappear… permanently. You do not need to suffer any longer! People who have suffered for years with migraines and headaches are positively ecstatic to discover that modern dentistry has provided an effective treatment to finally remove these life-inhibiting barriers.

TruDenta Migraine and Headache Treatment

Dr. Sykes and his great team at The Reno Dentist have the training and technology needed to effectively treat your migraines or headaches. In fact, the TruDenta migraine and headache treatment offered by Dr. Sykes is found in less than 1% of the dental practices in the United States. We’re thrilled to be on the forefront of offering this life-changing headache treatment service to the great people of Reno and helping people experience life headache and migraine free again.

Within five minutes, Dr. Sykes is able to determine if the migraines, headaches, neck pain or jaw pain that you are experiencing are caused by the ligaments, muscles and nerves in your jaw. Try Headache Relief at The Reno DentistThe technology guided analysis is absolutely painless and is able to identify the minutest details of your oral structure, including jaw action and even your bite force. The results derived from this headache treatment analysis actually show a patient where the imbalances are in the mouth/jaw that may be causing the headache and migraine symptoms.

Our TruDenta Exam system will also determine head and neck motion. This will identify if there are any impairments in your head and neck motion that be the source of the issue, or even compounding it. After this preliminary reading, Dr. Sykes will then fully inspect your muscles, teeth, mouth, neck and head to complete the analysis and, with the TruDenta analysis, determine the final diagnosis. At this point Dr. Sykes will be able to offer an appropriate headache treatment plan to correct any TMJ issues you’ve experienced and provide jaw and neck pain relief.

Get Headache Treatment and Neck Pain Relief in Reno!

Imagine living your life without headaches, migraines, neck pain or jaw pain! Call Reno dentist Dr. Sykes today and schedule a headache treatment consultation. We can provide permanent neck pain relief for patients all around Reno including Verdi-Mogul, Incline Village-Crystal Bay, Spanish Springs and Sparks NV. You won’t regret it!

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