Implant dentistry with the Sparks NV tooth implant expert at The Reno Dentist can give you a healthy, beautiful smile

Benefits of Dental Implants

Using teeth implants, we can give you back your full smile even after you’ve suffered a devastating tooth loss. With a dental implant from The Reno Dentist, you can forget that you ever lost a tooth. Each implant is created specifically for each patient to restore smile beauty, functionality, and health.

Our implants can be used to replace single teeth, but they can also help patients who are missing multiple teeth as well. With dental implants we can create permanent dentures that will never slip or click out of place. Our dental implants allow us to provide patients with an excellent alternative to traditional false teeth that require sticky dental adhesive.

Choosing implant dentistry to restore your smile comes with many patient benefits including:

  • Comfort and Functionality – After the healing period, a dental implant with a porcelain crown will feel as comfortable in your mouth as a natural tooth. With a perfectly placed dental implant, you’ll enjoy a full, comfortable bite and complete tooth functionality. Our teeth implants can also provide greater comfort for patients who require false teeth or dentures. Permanent dentures provide a more secure and comfortable fit and will never slip or click out of place.
  • Health – When you lose a tooth, the bone underneath the lost tooth can start to deteriorate. Over time, this bone loss can cause other dental problems and create a more sunken facial appearance. Dental implants prevent jawbone deterioration and provide your jaw with the support that it needs to stay healthy and strong. Patients with dental implants look younger and feel better.
  • Beauty – Each dental implant is restored with a beautiful, custom-made porcelain crown. Our crowns are created specifically for each patient to enhance and improve their smile. We use molds and impressions of your natural teeth to craft crowns that will look and feel great. The people you meet won’t even be able to tell that you ever lost a tooth.

What Are Dental Implants?

Benefits Dental Implants Reno Sparks NVA tooth implant is a “root” device, usually made of titanium, used in dentistry to support restorations that replace a tooth or group of teeth. Dental implants can be used to support a number of dental prostheses, including dental crowns, implant-supported dentures, or bridges. They can also be used as anchorage for orthodontic tooth movement. The use of dental implants permits unidirectional tooth movement without reciprocal action.

A typical tooth implant consists of a titanium screw (resembling a tooth root) with a roughened or smooth surface with the majority of dental implants being made of pure titanium. This same titanium alloy is used in hip replacements and other surgeries because of its ability to fuse with your bone in a process called ‘osseointegration.’

The Reno Dentist is a great place to go! Going to the dentist is never a fun thing to do, and this business knows that. They make you feel comfortable and treat you like family. Dr Shane Sykes did a fantastic job of replacing my failing teeth with implants. I can now smile again but most importantly eat all the foods I love. My experience with every staff member has been great! Thanks for the great service, love you guys!Andre V W

Our implant dentistry services include:

Dental Implant Placement | We have the skill, technology, knowledge, and training to place implants right here in our office. With implant dentistry from The Reno Dentist, you can have your implant placed in one convenient location by the dentist you already know and trust.

Dental Implant Restoration | If your implant has already been placed, but you’re looking for a dentist who can restore your implant and create the perfect replacement tooth, Dr. Sykes is here for you. We perform beautiful implant restorations using porcelain crowns we create specifically for each patient.

Permanent Dentures | For patients who are missing all, or almost all, of their natural teeth, we can use implant dentistry to provide a more permanent alternative to traditional dentures. Our permanent dentures use strategically placed dental implants to keep your dentures in place and provide better jawbone support.

Dental Implants Procedure

dental implant procedure for teeth implants with a Reno dentist Sparks NV and Spanish SpringsWhen you come into The Reno Dentist for a dental implant procedure, we’ll make your care our top priority. We want each patient to have an excellent experience and to feel comfortable in our office. Sedation dentistry is available before any dental implant procedure and can help patients achieve a greater level of relaxation and comfort. Every step of our implant dentistry procedure from diagnosis to restoration can be performed right here in our office. Patients can have their implant placed and restored by the dentist they already know and trust without outsourcing the procedure to another oral surgeon.

We personalize each procedure to ensure that the treatment will meet each patient’s individual needs. If you have unique needs, we will work to accommodate them.

The Steps in the Dental Implants Procedure

  1. Before the procedure begins, Dr. Sykes will meet with you and together the two of you will determine the treatment plan that is right for you. During this stage, Dr. Sykes will use a CT scanner and surgical guide to pre-plan your dental implant procedure from start to finish. Our technology will allow us to place your implant with pin-point accuracy and precision.

  2. During your surgical procedure, Dr. Sykes will make sure there is room for the implant before it is placed. Once your mouth is prepped, your dentist will place your implant. For patients who are anxious about this part of the procedure, sedation dentistry is available.

  3. After your implant has been placed, your mouth will be given time to heal, and time for the titanium to fuse with your jawbone.

  4. Once the osseointegration is complete, Dr. Sykes will place the abutment and attach your beautiful, custom-made porcelain crown.

  5. After the restoration is complete, you’ll be able to walk out of our office with a full, beautiful smile.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

When a tooth implant is placed, the bone and the tooth implant will heal together, eventually fusing. This stabilizes the post, making it just as secure and permanent as the original tooth root. The amount of time required to place a dental implant will vary on several factors including the quality and quantity of the bone and the ease of each individual situation.

Luckily, we offer both full sized tooth implants and mini dental implants. When replacing smaller teeth or in situations where there is bone loss, mini dental implants may be used since they are more compact.

Dental Implant Options

We offer a complete range of restorative treatments that have been developed specifically to replace missing teeth. Whether you’re missing a single tooth, multiple teeth, or all of your teeth, we have an option that will meet your needs and get you smiling again.

Replacement Tooth or Crown

A single tooth replacement refers to procedures that can restore one missing tooth. When you’re missing a single tooth, a dental implant is generally the very best option. Dental implants are synthetic tooth roots that can be combined with porcelain crowns to create a perfect tooth replacement that will keep your jawbone healthy and restore full smile functionality and beauty.


If you are missing multiple teeth, we can restore your smile with an implant bridge. Bridges use porcelain crowns to “bridge” the gap left by missing teeth, and can be used to replace one tooth or more than one teeth in a row.

Implant Dentures

Full-arch replacements are used when a patient is missing a significant number, or all of their teeth. For patients who require full-arch replacement, we offer implant supported dentures and All-on-4. Instead of sitting directly on the gums, implant supported dentures can clip into the dental implants.

What Makes Dental Implants the Best Restorative Option?

A tooth implant is often the most ideal option for tooth restoration because it is the only option that replaces both the tooth root and the tooth crown. After your implant is placed, Dr. Sykes and his team will attach a beautiful, custom-made dental crown to create a fully functional replacement tooth. Most tooth restorations involve dental crowns, but implant dentistry is the only restorative option that also replaces the tooth root.

Dr. Shane Sykes – A Skilled Reno Dental Implant Dentist

Choosing an implant dentist can be difficult, but at The Reno Dentist, we make it easy with the high standards we set for ourselves and the quality care we provide. Patients who have their implant placed and restored by the Reno Dentist can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Strong Track Record – Dental implant dentist Dr. Shane Sykes has extensive experience with the most modern procedures used for dental implants. He is skilled in implant dentistry, having completed a large number of successful dental implant procedures. He has the experience and skill necessary to make sure your treatment is a success and to provide for your individual needs.

  • Training – Dr. Sykes has trained and completed the advanced certification courses necessary to both place and restore implants right here in his office. The placement of a tooth implant requires tremendously skilled hands and a thorough understanding of advanced dental treatment techniques. You will be comfortable and confident as you watch Dr. Sykes emphasize treatment planning, dental implant placement protocol, and restorative techniques.

  • Compassion – Dr. Sykes loves each one of his patients and takes the time to get to know them. At The Reno Dentist, we offer personalized dental treatments that are adjusted to meet each patient’s individual needs. We understand how hard losing a tooth can be, and we take the time to listen and make sure each patient feels heard.

  • Technology – We invest in the latest technology to make our procedures even better. At The Reno Dentist we use a CT scanner and surgical guide to pre-plan every implant procedure. This technology allows us to place and restore implants with pin-point accuracy.

  • The Patient Experience – The Reno Dentist’s modern facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, sedation options, and confidence our staff instills in our patients is top of the field in implant dentistry. Our patients are like members of the family, and we treat each one with that extra care that separates outstanding dental practices from the rest.

Implant Dentistry FAQs

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a synthetic tooth root. We combine dental implants with porcelain crowns to create perfect tooth replacements for patients with missing teeth.

Am I a good candidate for implant dentistry?

If you are in good health, but are missing a tooth, you are probably a good candidate for implant dentistry. As long as a patient has adequate bone mass, an implant dentistry procedure can usually be performed. If a patient doesn’t have adequate bone mass due to jaw deterioration or other issues, a bone graft may still make implant dentistry possible.

What are the risks associated with missing teeth?

When you lose a tooth, the bone underneath your jaw can start to deteriorate. This deterioration can lead to a sunken facial appearance, oral health decline, and more dental issues. If you have lost a tooth, it is best to fill the gap with a restoration. Dental implants are an especially good choice because they are the only restorative option that provides jawbone support and prevents deterioration.

What is the success rate for implant dentistry procedures?

Implant dentistry procedures have a 95% success rate. They are a safe, and very effective way to replace missing teeth.

Will my insurance cover a dental implant?

Dental implants can be covered on some dental insurance plans. To find out whether or not your insurance will pay for your implant, contact your insurance provider.

How painful is the implant dentistry procedure?

Sedation dentistry is available before any implant dentistry procedure and can help patients feel more comfortable and at ease. After the procedure is complete, patients have reported minimal discomfort, but pain medication can be prescribed if needed.

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