Brotherly Love

Myself, my brother, and his son backpacking

Last week my brother Mark celebrated his 50th birthday. As I prepared his birthday gift I pondered the many adventures we have shared together, savoring each memory as they drifted through my consciousness. Together Mark and I have had some pretty crazy adventures, from trekking for weeks through the jungle and climbing the highest peak in Brazil, to racing for 36 hours straight across the desert sands and waters of Lake Powell in an “Eco Challenge” type race, to hand-digging footers for stairs at his cabin at 10,000 feet elevation.

As I reviewed these wonderful scenes I realized how Mark has enriched my life. No matter what he is doing, Mark always makes sure he is involving his family and the people he loves. He works hard to build meaningful memories and he works even harder to ensure he is building those memories with people he can share them with for years to come.

To Mark, thank you for being my brother, my mentor, and my friend; and for enriching my life in so many ways.

To all my friends, thank you for allowing me to make you a part of my heart.

Who are the special people in your world that enrich and enliven your life? Make an effort this week to reach out, connect with them, and share your gratitude for them. Then share your stories with us!