How To Make The Most Out Of Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening

Making The Most Out Of Teeth Whitening Treatment

Making the most out of the teeth whitening procedure begins with you. Our dentists in reno do everything they can to make your teeth whiter and healthier-looking in our dental office, but once you exit, the responsibility is on you to maintain them that way. 

Though teeth whitening has been a known & famous treatment since the 80s, it’s consistently hard to say with certainty how long the results will last. It is because the longevity of the therapy depends so much on patient maintenance. 

Below are some of the ways we recommend extending the teeth whitening treatment results and making the most of the money and time you spent on it. 

Take Good Care Of Your Teeth

It may sound like a cakewalk, but it’s still important to note. Make sure to brush your teeth twice a day, floss once a day, and plan routine cleanings once every six months. 

Use Sensitive Products 

After a teeth whitening procedure, it’s normal to experience tooth sensitivity to toothpaste, mouthwashes, or even food and beverages of specific temperatures. Be assured to use sensitive products on your teeth and keep away from eating quite cold or hot foods after your treatment. 

Steer Clear Of Staining Foods & Beverages  

Unfortunately, many people desire teeth whitening because specific drinks or foods have rendered stains to develop over time. One of the best methods to keep these stains from producing is to avoid foods and drinks that stain. 

Quit Smoking

If you selected teeth whitening to help with nicotine stains, but you’re still attempting to choose if smoking is worth it, take this as a signal to quit. Smoking will quickly spoil your newly whitened teeth, which means you won’t be capable of making the most out of your teeth whitening treatment. 

Water Is Your Best Friend 

Rinsing with water is one of the most effortless and best things you can do for your recently whitened teeth. For instance, if you choose to give in and have a glass of red wine, make sure to swish with water later. Our Reno dentist suggests rinsing with water whenever you can; it’s a good & simple method to keep your bleached teeth happy. 

Don’t Forget To Follow Up 

You must not forget that even if you do everything correctly, your results won’t last for a lifetime. Therefore, follow-up treatments are usually a crucial element of teeth whitening upkeep. 

However, never overdo it, as getting your teeth whitened too frequently can give you harmful results for your teeth. Our Reno dentists will help you decide just how often you have to come into our dental office for a touchup. 

Ready For Your Teeth Whitening Appointment In Reno? 

Teeth whitening can give you a shiny smile if you obey the rules we’ve put out for you, you’ll be capable of getting your teeth whitened professionally and making the most of the process long after it’s over. Contact us to schedule your appointment today at our dental office in Reno & get the best professional teeth whitening treatment.