Know Everything About the Root Canal Therapy

Know all about root canal therapy in Reno

Know Everything About the Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is mainly a dental procedure that helps in relieving pain, which happens due to an infected or abscessed tooth. During this procedure, the dental surgeon removes the infected pulp. Not only that, the surfaces of your inside tooth are cleaned as well as disinfected. Along with that, a filling is placed for sealing the space. Endodontic therapy is another name for root canal therapy. A root canal is effective in protecting your teeth from future infections. The therapy is carried out in the tooth pulp and it is the root canal.

Root Canal Treatment-What It Is?

A root canal is definitely not a treatment, but it is a part of the teeth. The root canal is the hollow section of your teeth, which contains the blood vessels, and nerve tissue. All these things are known as the pulp. A tooth contains a crown and roots. While the crown remains above the gum, the roots remain below it. The roots are responsible for attaching the teeth to the jawbone.

The pulp is responsible for nourishing the teeth and offering moisture, especially to the surrounding materials. It is the nerves that help in sensing hot and cold temperatures. There are certain steps that are necessary to keep in mind when it comes to root canal therapy. Here are the details of the steps that you should know about.

Cleaning The Root Canal

At first, the dentist removes anything that is present inside the root canal. With the local anesthesia, the dentist will make small access holes on your teeth and remove any dead pulp using small files.

Filling The Canals

Once the dentist cleans everything, shapes, and decontaminates, he then uses rubber-like materials for filling the gaps. Along with that, he uses adhesive cement for sealing the canals completely.

The doctor uses tiny files and irrigation solutions for cleaning the hollow area. After the cleaning is done, the tooth becomes dead and the patient will not feel any pain since the nerve tissue gets removed along with the infection.

Adding A Filling

Although you won’t feel any pain or discomfort, your teeth will become more fragile than before. Teeth having no pulp should continuously get all the nourishment from the ligament, which attaches the teeth to the bone. Although the supply is adequate; however, the teeth will turn out to be more brittle and for that, a crown will provide better protection.

Unless the crown is complete, the patient must not chew or bite using the tooth. Once the crowning is done, you can use the tooth-like before. The root canal therapy in Reno takes one appointment; however, if there are curved canals or bigger infections, you might need more than one appointment.

Is It Painful?

One of the common fears that most people have regarding root canal therapy it is painful. However, the treatment should be painless if it is carried out by any trained dental surgeon.

Root Canal Therapy in Reno

If you feel that your oral health is deteriorating, then it is important to take good care of it. One of the ideal ways is to consult your dental surgeon to reduce the amount of pain. Root canal therapy is always useful for maintaining the good health of your teeth. Want help regarding the treatment of root canal therapy in Reno, contact us today.