Your Mouth Pain Might Be Pulpitis. Call Us ASAP!

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Some men and women hate going to the dentist.  They only seek treatment when the pain is unbearable. At The Reno Dentist we advise, strongly, regular checkups, which can prevent most issues.

There are many causes of mouth pain. Some are more serious than others. If the pain is caused by pulpitis, you need urgent care treatment immediately.

What is Pulpitis?

The “itis” suffix is a clue. It means “inflammation of.”

Inflammation is an immune response. Your body couldn’t heal infections or lacerations if it didn’t trigger an inflammatory response.

What causes inflammation of the tooth pulp?

The pulp of the tooth is comprised of nerves, blood vessels, and the tissues that hold everything together.

  • Tooth decay or trauma can bring about an infection.
  • Repetitive impact, like tooth grinding (bruxism) can cause pulpitis—even though there is no bacterial infection.
  • A cracked or chipped tooth may trigger or aggravate pulpitis.

It usually hurts like crazy.

Serious cases of pulpitis can lead to tooth loss, so take nothing for granted. Come see us at The Reno Dentist. Our services include emergency dentistry. People from Spanish Springs, Virginia City, and Carson City also come to us for general and family dentistry, and much more. Call for an appointment today!

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