When Should My Child Visit The Reno Dentist?

When Should My Child Visit Our Dentist?

Many parents wonder when the time is right for their child to see us at The Reno Dentist for the first time.

What does the ADA say?

The American Dental Association recommends that kids visit the dentist around their first birthday – a little earlier than some parents might guess.

Early visits help to ensure that children are getting every advantage when in comes to oral health.

When do I start brushing my child’s teeth?

When your child gets that first tooth, it is time to brush. Parents should use non-fluoride toothpaste until the child is two years old. Then, use only a tiny dab. Young children often swallow toothpaste while brushing. If a child ingests too much fluoride, teeth can become stained.

Prevent dental anxiety

It’s also important that kids are comfortable at the dentist office. If they don’t visit a dentist until they have a dental problem that is causing pain, they are more likely to associate the dentist with pain and fear. Just as well child check-ups, dental exams and cleanings should be routine or every child.

What does the dentist do at the check-up if my child doesn’t have a cavity?

The goal is to make sure your child never gets a cavity. In these early visits, we usually clean the child’s teeth, apply fluoride, and assess any that may be present, such as baby bottle tooth decay.

When your child gets their rear molars, we can discuss dental sealants. These are one of the best ways to keep your child’s teeth cavity-free.

At The Reno Dentist we attach a great deal of importance to early dental care. Parents from Spanish Springs, Virginia City, and Carson City trust their smiles to our general and family dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry. Call to schedule an appointment with us today!

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