What to Know About Baby Teeth

when do baby teeth come in? Reno

Baby teeth and adult teeth are very different. One of the roles of baby teeth is to pave the way for permanent adult teeth. In this post from The Reno Dentist, we’ll share some baby teeth basics.

  • Baby teeth usually come in around six to twelve months, but can come in later than that.
  • Baby teeth usually begin to fall out at around age six, but they can fall out whenever they are ready.
  • For a lifetime of good dental health, teach good oral hygiene habits at a young age.
  • When teeth grow in they cut through the gums, which can be painful.
  • Baby teeth usually fall out on their own, but sometimes it is necessary to pull them.
  • Baby teeth should be professionally cleaned twice a year by a dental hygienist, just like adult teeth.

What if baby teeth don’t come in?

Sometimes baby teeth come in late, but it is rare that don’t come in at all. If a child passes their first birthday and baby teeth still haven’t come in, it is a good idea to bring the youngster in for an evaluation.

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