What is “Better”?

As Scoutmaster I had the opportunity to spend the past week at Boy Scout Camp. I was teaching the scouts about tents and I had them erect two different tents, one a very expensive mountaineering tent and the other a simple low-cost tent from a local department store.

We then compared the differences between the two tents: One was made of heavy fabric, one of light. One had several stout aluminum poles, the other had two thin fiberglass poles. The mountaineering tent had a strong fly that came all the way to the ground, and the simple tent had a small cap to cover the mesh at the top.

After pointing out the numerous differences in the tent and discussing the qualities needed in a good winter tent, I asked the boys “Which of these tents is better?” They excitedly pointed to the bright orange mountaineering tent.

They were very surprised then, when I said “No, this one is not better.” I then proceeded to point out it’s weaknesses: It was heavy, bulky, cumbersome to erect, and very stuffy in warm weather; while the other tent was light, simple, and compact. Then I asked the boys “Which of these tents is better for winter camping?”. Suddenly understanding dawned in their eyes, and once again they excitedly pointed to the stout orange shelter. Then I asked “Which of these tents is better for a short summer backpacking trip in fair weather?” and they pointed to the cheaper tent, cheering “That one!”, still a bit surprised that they decided a cheaper tent could be “better” than an expensive one. Clearly, what is better or best depends on our goals and needs.

Dentistry has changed a lot over the past forty years, and no longer are you guaranteed to have dentures by age fifty. Today we can rebuild smiles and replace missing teeth better than ever before. Yet while there are a great number of treatment options available today available at every price point imaginable, no one treatment is “better” than any other. One choice might be “better” for me, and another one “better” for you, depending on our individual health, goals, and resources. At The Reno Dentist, our job is to help you clarify what you value in your health and your smile, and then determine which of the myriad of options is “better” for you.

We want to make sure that your time with us helps you become the “best” version of you!