Take 5: Straight Talk About Braces in Reno

invisible braces in renoHello, and welcome to the dental blog of The Reno Dentist. Our team supports healthy oral hygiene and regular, consistent dental checkups. However, we realize that hygiene for braces in Reno is a bit different. Here are five vital concerns to keep in mind with braces:

1. Be Careful What You Eat

Sweets and extra food stuck in hard-to-notice spaces may lead to plaque and yellowing around the appliances in your mouth. Avoid sweets, juices, sodas, anything that will stain your teeth. Also, sticky things like gum and caramel can break the equipment in your mouth.

2. Consider a Mouth Guard

Sports are the center of life for many Reno families. We love the fact that Reno is an active community, but residents should keep in mind that a quality mouth guard provides important protection for both your teeth and braces.

3. Take Time for Gum Health
Maintaining healthy gums requires deliberate brushing and flossing. In the past, two minutes of quality brushing was acceptable. Braces in Reno are trickier to clean. What’s another minute to make sure every nook and cranny is taken care of?

4. Check the Mirrors
Humans are exceptional at noticing flaws. Check your smile often in a mirror to keep your braces free of obvious food particles.

5. Smile with Confidence
At first, people will notice the change in your smile. But if you’re relaxed about your new braces, soon your friends will simply look past them without even noticing. Thanks for visiting our dental blog today. We hope it helps prepare you for braces in Reno.

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