Dental Crown Or Porcelain Veneer?

Reno: Dental Crown Or Porcelain Veneer? Reno cosmetic dentistry offers multiple procedures for improving smiles. Two of the most popular procedures in the Sparks area are dental crowns and porcelain veneers.

A dental crown covers the entire portion of the tooth that is above the gumline. A veneer is a wafer-thin, covering for just the front of a tooth. Veneers are made with several layers of ceramic laminate. Crowns can be made of all porcelain (ceramic), porcelain fused to metal, or gold. Both crowns and veneers are cemented in place. Crowns and veneers are durable and can last many years, though they are not stronger than natural enamel.

Both of these procedures improve the tooth aesthetically, but porcelain crowns are usually a better solution for a tooth that has been compromised by decay, damage, or a root canal.Veneers can perfect the shape of a tooth, repair a minor crack, cover stains, or straighten the appearance of teeth that are slightly misaligned. It takes a team of experienced Nevada dental professionals to create durable, natural-looking and perfectly functioning crowns and veneers. Your Sparks cosmetic dentist must prep the tooth, create a precision mold, and communicate to the lab technician exactly what is needed.

The role of the Reno dental lab technician is equally important. He/she must meet the precise standards necessary for successful restorations: the perfect shape, the perfect size, color that blends seamlessly with surrounding teeth, and the proper placement in the mouth. The team at The Reno Dentist provides the highest quality cosmetic dental services and restorations.

I am Shane Sykes of The Reno Dentist. If you would like more information about crowns, veneers, and additional cosmetic dental procedures, I invite you to come in for a no-pressure cosmetic dental consultation. I can help you achieve a smile that is both healthy and stunning. Call 775-322-5016 today!

Cosmetic Dentistry: Gum Contouring In Reno

Cosmetic Dentistry: Gum Contouring In Reno

If you are a regular visitor to our blog here at The Reno Dentist, you have probably read many articles on cosmetic dentistry procedures. Shane Sykes is a master of smile makeovers.

Dental bonding, crowns, and porcelain veneers can take care of teeth that are chipped, broken, or misshapen.

Our Spanish Springs, Virginia City, and Carson City clients with stained or dull teeth can have a sparkly white smile with teeth whitening. For ordinary cavities, there are tooth-colored fillings, inlays, and onlays.

Dental implants are gaining popularity in Sparks among dental patients who want to restore missing teeth. If your teeth are misaligned, there are a number of orthodontic options here at The Reno Dentist in Reno.

What if your cosmetic dental problem has to do with your gums? Are you one of the many Sparks folks whose gums are too long, too short, or uneven? At The Reno Dentist, we have a solution for gum problems as well. The answer is gum contouring surgery.

With gum contouring, sometimes called tissue sculpting or gum reshaping, a Reno dentist or periodontist can improve the shape or size of your gums.

Gum reshaping is not always a cosmetic procedure. If the gums have receded to a point where the tooth root is susceptible to decay, gum surgery can restore the natural, healthy gumline and protect tooth root and bone.

For more information about gum contouring, call us at 775-322-5016.

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Reno Whiter Smiles

Reno Teeth Whitening Wishing for a Reno whiter smile but not sure how to get it? New to Nevada smile tooth whitening lingo? At The Reno Dentist, we educate clients on the variety of Sparks affordable teeth whiting treatments; from whitening trays to Spanish Springs tooth bleaching to Virginia City opalescence whitening. We do Carson City smile whitening every day.

Almost every toothpaste claims to whiten teeth, but as we age our teeth gradually turn yellow or gray, despite all the whitening toothpastes we use regularly. Tooth enamel, while one of the hardest substances in the body, is porous. Over time, the food and drinks that comes in contact with our teeth cause staining and discoloration. You probably have already discovered that a toothbrush cannot clean these microscopic pores.

Carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide are the two main smile teeth whitening ingredients. They can penetrate the outer layer of your teeth to remove the build-up, and help restore whitening to teeth. Call The Reno Dentist at 775-322-5016 to schedule an appointment and we will explain the difference between these tooth bleaching ingredients and how they may affect your Reno smile whitening results.

Sparks at-home teeth whitening products are probably not a good choice if you have crowns or veneers. You could end up with extremely uneven results or possible damage to your existing Nevada cosmetic dentistry.

We know the best Reno teeth bleaching options and can recommend the perfect white smile solution for you.

At The Reno Dentist, we hope to see you soon. Give us a call at 775-322-5016.

“Sparks Dental Patients, Take Care Of Your Toothbrush!”

Sparks NV Residents: Your Family Dentist Cares About Oral Hygiene

The common household toothbrush. Every Reno home has at least one, and hopefully all Reno residents are brushing their teeth after each meal. While cosmetic dentistry and a complete smile makeover seem to be all the rage these days, daily brushing is still the most important thing you can do for your oral health.

It has been said that each toothbrush can contain millions of bacteria. But don’t worry, those bacteria come from our mouths, which harbor equal amounts of bacteria. For a person with a healthy immune system, these bacteria pose no threat.

However, a few common sense tips might keep any unnecessary germs from affecting the toothbrushes of Spanish Springs, Virginia City, and Carson City cosmetic dental patients.

First, be sure to store your toothbrush as far away from the toilet as possible, and close the toilet lid before flushing. Each flush of the toilet releases a spray of bacteria into the air, so it’s best to just eliminate the spray.

Next, since bacteria like a moist environment, store your toothbrush upright and without a travel case so that it can dry completely between uses.

The American Dental Association recommends replacing your toothbrush every three to four months. Brushing and flossing are the key to good oral health, and doing both each day will keep Sparks dental patients’ risk for gun disease, cavities, and bad breath low.

Keep your smile bright by visiting The Reno Dentist regularly and practicing proper oral hygiene.

Dr. Shane Sykes has been a dentist in the Reno area since 2011. We can answer any questions you have about cosmetic dentistry procedures such as tooth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental implants, and clear braces.

Call to schedule an appointment today!

The Reno Dentist For A Smile Impossible To Ignore

Spanish Springs Can Get Porcelain Veneers To Improve Smile

Many Reno folks consider the myriad options available to stop the aging clock. Whether it is a surgical procedure, botox, hair implants, or a chemical peel, Nevada residents have countless choices to help them look more youthful. I am Dr. Shane Sykes and I am exited to tell you about a simple and affordable procedure we offer at The Reno Dentist that can create a younger looking you.

Porcelain veneers will produce a smile that will have people asking you if you have lost weight or started going to the gym because the effect porcelain veneers have is stunning.

Haven’t you noticed that when you talk with someone who has sparkling, straight white teeth, their smile catches your eye? An engaging smile draws attention away from wrinkles or a flabby belly because a dazzling smile is the first impression others have of you – and it is impossible to ignore!

At The Reno Dentist, our porcelain veneers will improve the color of your teeth, cover chips, cracks, or misshapen teeth. Veneers can lengthen teeth that look too short, fill in gaps between teeth and cover any irregularity your teeth may have. Porcelain veneers reflect light the same way natural teeth do, making them a great choice for a smile makeover.

If you are a middle-aged (or older) Reno or Sparks resident pondering ways to improve your appearance, The Reno Dentist can help you turn back the clock by creating a youthful smile. The Reno Dentist has been serving the folks of Reno since 2011. We offer affordable, professional services including cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and wisdom teeth extraction.

The smiles in the 89503 zip code area can rival those of Beverly Hills 90210 thanks to porcelain veneers. Contact The Reno Dentist today for a younger you!

Sparks Mouths And Stomatitis

Reno General Dentistry, Mouths And Stomatitis

Ouch! The mouth is not a fun place for injuries, sores, or inflammation. It seems that even the smallest irritation in the mouth can cause serious discomfort for Reno dental patients.

These non-specific irritations in the mouth have a name. They are called stomatitis.

A good general definition for stomatitis is the inflammation of the membranes in the mouth. These usually affect a person’s ability to speak, eat, and even get to sleep at night. If you suffer from mouth sores, you know that stomatitis can really impact the lives of Spanish Springs, Virginia City, and Carson City residents.

Some common causes of stomatitis can be canker sores or cold sores, gum disease, biting the inside of your mouth or your tongue, burning your mouth, and irritation caused by braces or broken teeth. Many sores in the mouth will generally clear up on their own in less than two weeks.

However, your Sparks dentist can determine if it is caused by a viral or bacterial infection, and they can also advise you on treating the symptoms of stomatitis with pain relievers and at-home remedies such as salt water rinses.

Hi. I’m Dr. Shane Sykes of The Reno Dentist in Reno, and I want my patients to have the best oral health possible. I also want them to look their best, so if you have any questions about cosmetic dentistry, give us a call at 775-322-5016.

Common cosmetic dentistry procedures used in smile makeovers include teeth whitening, gum contouring, veneers, bonding, and dental implants.

We hope to see you in our Reno office soon!

Affordable Dentistry

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry In Sparks NV The worry about finding affordable dentistry in Reno is one of the biggest reasons why many people in the Reno area avoid going to the dentist. However, the truth is that affordable dentistry is available in Reno at The Reno Dentist, and we want to help you get the dental care you need at an affordable price.

We specialize in affordable dentistry including cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and general dentistry.

Our affordable dentistry options include offering various payment methods. We also have an experienced staff who can review insurance options and discuss payment planning to help you afford your dental care.

affordable dentistry is available to everyone in the Reno community. Give the knowledgeable staff at The Reno Dentist a call at 775-322-5016 to discuss how we can provide you and your family affordable cosmetic dentistry.

Our office is located at 855 W Seventh St Ste 200, in Reno. We service the 89503 zip code area.

We can make you look and feel great

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Excellence In Family Dentistry At The Reno Dentist

Excellence In Family Dentistry At The Reno Dentist Near Spanish Springs

Welcome to the The Reno Dentist family dentistry blog. At The Reno Dentist in Reno, we are proud of our legacy of dental excellence. If you are interviewing family dentists in Reno, Sparks, Spanish Springs, or Carson City, we invite you to visit us at The Reno Dentist in Reno.

Our dental service menu includes general, cosmetic, and orthodontic services for every member of the family.

We create a pleasant dental experience for our youngest patients at The Reno Dentist. We want to make sure they look forward to visits and never develop dental anxiety.

If you have toddlers and young children, we can guide you in pediatric oral care, sealants, and fluoride treatments.

If you have older children and teens, in addition to general dentistry, we provide orthodontic services, custom sports mouth guards, and wisdom teeth removal.

Hundreds of The Reno Dentist patients  have dramatically improved their smile with the marvels of cosmetic dentistry.

Smile makeover techniques and materials are better than ever and some procedures can be completed in just one visit!

At The Reno Dentist, we treat you like family. To schedule an exam and cleaning, call us at 775-322-5016.

Have A Large Cavity In Your Tooth?

Large Cavity? Spanish Springs Family Dentistry When Dr. Shane Sykes of The Reno Dentist in Reno repairs a tooth that has decay or damage, the procedure chosen often depends on the location of the problem. (We’re talking tooth-specific locale here; it doesn’t matter whether you live in Spanish Springs, Virginia City, or Carson City.) If there is a chip, crack or cavity on the biting surface of a tooth, an onlay or inlay is often used to restore the tooth.

Inlays and onlays are a type of tooth restoration used successfully at The Reno Dentist. They are usually bigger than a conventional filling yet smaller than a complete dental crown. An inlay is used to fill an area inside the cusp tips or bumps of a tooth. An onlay covers an area that includes more than one cusp.

At The Reno Dentist, the inlays and onlays we place for our Spanish Springs and Virginia City clients are indistinguishable from their natural teeth. Dr. Shane Sykes has the finely-honed eye for detail and complete mastery of cosmetic dentistry to create an exact match.

The Reno Dentist inlays and onlays:

  • Are stain resistant
  • Do not cause tooth sensitivity
  • Are beautifully matched to natural teeth
  • When bonded to the tooth, they strengthen the tooth and prevent further decay or damage

Call 775-322-5016 to book a cosmetic dental consultation today.

We’ll help you keep your smile happy and healthy!

At The Reno Dentist, You’re Treated Like Family

Try Laser Dentistry At Our Sparks NV Area Practice

At The Reno Dentist, our Reno and Sparks NV area patients are treated like family. I am Dr. Shane Sykes and my relationship with my clients is paramount.

You know what puts a smile on my face? When I use advanced cosmetic dentistry to create a dazzling smile makeover for one of my patients.

If you are a 25-80 year old Sparks NV resident, my staff and I at The Reno Dentist can guarantee you quality preventative, restorative, general, and cosmetic dental care.

In today’s The Reno Dentist blog I would like to discuss laser dentistry. It may sound scary, but laser dentistry provides an excellent alternative to drills. Many procedures performed with lasers don’t require Sparks NV patients to be medicated, allowing for quicker healing times.

Many Reno area patients become very anxious waiting for a shot of painkiller before a dental procedure. Laser dentistry allows for a more relaxed, less stressful dental visit. My patients also appreciate not going home with a numb mouth and drool dripping down their chin.

Reno residents in need of oral surgery will experience less bleeding thanks to laser dentistry. Some of the procedures that are performed with lasers are treating infected root canals, reshaping gum and bone tissues, uncovering erupted wisdom teeth, and aiding in teeth whitening.

At The Reno Dentist, one of our most popular procedures is sleep apnea treatment. We also offer cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, dental implants, and general dentistry.

Sparks NV area folks who want to experience a comfortable, relaxing dental visit and receive compassionate and professional dental care, contact The Reno Dentist today.

At The Reno Dentist we treat you like family.