Know The Difference Between Dentures & Partial Dentures


The Difference Between Dentures & Partial Dentures In Reno

Dentures and partial dentures are excellent options to consider when you require dental replacements. Contrary to popular belief, dentures are much more comfortable and genuine looking than they once were. Today, dentures are capable of competing against other dental replacements options for the most suitable and useful teeth replacement. If you have determined you would like dentures, there are a few key contrasts to note between dentures and partial dentures in Reno.

Full Dentures:

Dentures, also known as whole, traditional, or full dentures, are chosen when a patient has lost all of their teeth. The teeth can be missing in the upper or lower jawbone. Complete dentures get accessible in two sorts, conventional or immediate dentures. Conventional dentures are suitable within the first eight to 12 weeks after removing the final tooth. These dentures are less intrusive, so the gums will have time to recover.

At first, this choice is not normally favored as most people want quick replacements. Immediate dentures are prepared for use as soon as needed, without a wait time for recovery. Full dentures are often favored since most people do not want to go without teeth for some time. Immediate dentures require readjusting as the patient’s gums and mouth build shifts while recovering. It can be deemed an inconvenience, but in some cases, immediate dentures are now only regarded as a temporary solution.

Partial Dentures:

Partial dentures can support a patient jaw who only has a few remaining teeth & can be removable or stay in place. Removable dentures remain in position by a metal framework and hold. Fixed partial dentures are also known as dental bridges.

These dentures stay in place by putting crowns over healthy neighboring teeth that will work as anchors for the prosthetic tooth or teeth to break in the gaps. Fixed partial dentures are a more suitable option, as they help maintain the shape of the dental structure by taking up the space left empty in a more enduring form.

Dentures and partial dentures are compelling choices to consider when you require teeth replacements. If you can use them, partial dentures may be a more suitable choice as they help maintain the health of your remaining teeth and jaw bone. Both alternatives may take some time to get used to, as they will feel uncommon in a mouth that has not had teeth taking up the gap. The prolonge you wear them, the comfier they will get. 

Dentures and partial dentures improve chewing and your capacity to speak. At first, these functions may also feel amusing, but once you are habituated to them, they will feel quite natural for you.

Dentures In Reno

At our dental office in Reno, dentures are created with the best quality of materials to deliver a long-lasting, resilient, and beautiful replacement for missing teeth. Whether you prefer full or partial dentures depends on your specific needs.

To learn more about both dentures and partial dentures, visit The Reno Dentist or contact us to book an appointment.