Same-Day CEREC Crowns Are Better Than Traditional Crowns

Same day CEREC crowns in Reno

Why Same-Day CEREC® Crowns Are Better Than Traditional Crowns?

Dental crowns can provide you with a smile that masks a lot of dental issues, like gaps, cracks, yellow, and crooked teeth. In the past, the procedure was intricate and it would need two appointments and many weeks to get your new smile. However, thanks to technological progress, you can now get same-day CEREC® crowns, which indicates that your new teeth are created and fitted on the same day.

Yet, many people are doubtful of new technology. One of the most asked questions is whether there is any difference between a traditional crown and the same-day CEREC® crown procedure. 

The following are some of the differences between CEREC® and traditional crowns:

1. Time & Comfort

A traditional procedure needs two appointments and a few weeks of ga. The first appointment involves a consultation where the dentist will take an impression of your tooth. Specialists at a dental lab will use this impression to design a crown exactly like the structure of your natural tooth. The process can take many weeks. However, a same-day CEREC® crown uses CAM/CAD cutting-edge technology to manufacture a crown in the dental office. Therefore, you do not have to wait for weeks to get your new teeth.

2. Material

Same-day CEREC® crowns are made of ceramic. However, traditional crowns are made of many materials, like ceramic, porcelain, metal, and porcelain-fused-to-metal. Dental crowns that contain metal are long-lasting, as metal bonds very nicely to dentin.

3. Strength

While experts in a lab create the traditional crowns, the end product is a lot stronger than same-day CEREC® crowns. Also, materials like leucite-reinforced ceramic or porcelain-fused-to-metal are only used to manufacture traditional crowns, which makes them stronger and more long-lasting. But, these materials are not aesthetically attractive like ceramic. Therefore, they are not perfect for a dental crown on your front teeth.

4. Temporary Crowns

When a patient decides to have traditional crowns, the dentist will provide them with temporary crowns while they wait for the lab to manufacture their permanent dental crowns. These temporary crowns have a lot of drawbacks. They are uncomfortable, particularly if they move slightly in your mouth. Most of them do not fit correctly, and they can raise the chance of tooth decay because food residue may get under the crown. Same-day CEREC®, on the other hand, has put an end to the need for temporary crowns as you can get permanent crowns in a single dental appointment.

5. Attention To Detail

Same-day CEREC® crowns look aesthetically attractive and natural-looking. Nevertheless, if you need a front tooth that flawlessly matches the next tooth, a same-day CEREC® crown made from ceramic may be ideal.

Same-Day CEREC Crowns In Reno

Same day CEREC® crowns have a lot more benefits than traditional crowns & are designed using advanced technology. If you want a same-day CEREC® dental crown in Reno, contact us to talk to our cosmetic dentist or book an appointment to visit our dental office & let our dental professionals help you decide the best-suited option for your dental condition.