‘Common’ vs ‘Normal’

Recently I was visiting with a patient and she mentioned that she “occasionally” has headaches. I asked how often she has them, and she said “Oh, no more than normal.” When queried for further explanation, she explained that she has headaches lasting one to two days about twice a week!

While such unfortunate suffering may be “common” it is not “normal”. We can help you discover what is normal and open your eyes to a world of comfort you didn’t know existed.  While disease may be common, ‘dis-ease’ is certainly not normal. Every one of our ten trillion cells is struggling to provide us with a vibrant, vital life, if only we will allow them to do their job. We get in the way of our own health when we suffer injuries, make poor food choices, take on too much stress, and deprive our bodies of the rest we so desperately need.

We invite you to come visit us and we’ll help you move from the pain so common to the peace and beauty that is normal!