What Are The Benefits Of Invisalign Treatment?


People have been treating their teeth with orthodontics. Straightening crooked teeth can help your overall dental health; metal braces are still in use when new technology has allowed orthodontics to develop better ways to correct crooked teeth. One of the ways is Invisalign treatment; it uses growing technology to straighten your teeth without a mouth filled with metal wires. The dentist in Reno can help you straighten your teeth with these customized aligners.


What are the Benefits of Invisalign Treatment In Reno?


Invisalign are Comfortable

Removable aligners are more comfortable than traditional metal braces. Brackets have pointed edges that can cut your lips and cheeks. They can leave sores that are hard to heal. You can try using wax to the exterior of your brackets, but the wax often drops off quickly. Removable aligners are tailor-made for your teeth. They have soft borders made with top-quality wax, so you won’t have any rough metal digging into your mouth. 

Better Dental Hygiene

It lets you take better care of your teeth- it is one of the best advantages of an Invisalign aligner over metal braces. A clean mouth is a healthy mouth, and by the end of your treatment, you get the healthfullest teeth. In traditional braces, pieces of food and plaque get stuck everywhere and inside brackets which become hard to clean properly. If not cleaned correctly, this can lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

With Invisalign clear braces in Reno, you can remove the aligners and continue your daily dental routine. Flossing and brushing can all be done without the requirement for special equipment. You can also brush and clean the interior of your aligner to make sure no food or bacteria forms up inside of it. It is a good idea to clean the inside of your aligner regularly so that no bacteria form up when you eliminate your aligners to eat, drink, or clean your teeth.

Fix Dental Problems

Crooked teeth can create more issues than just driving you self-conscious of your smile. If your teeth are uneven, you are more likely to become a host of other dental problems. With a wide gap or crowd, teeth can increase your risk of getting gum disease since your gums do not fit appropriately around your teeth. 

You can furthermore fix a dental overbite or underbite with invisible aligners. When you have an irregular bite, it can create all types of issues, from tooth erosion to gum infections. The improper bite can cause chewing problems, jaw aches, and speech difficulties. Restoring your bite issues will reduce your risk of cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss.

Prevent Other Dental Issues

Using invisible aligners can also contain other dental problems. When left unchecked, gum disease can create tooth decay and loss. Crooked teeth and irregular bites can form sleeping problems such as sleep apnea. Making sure your teeth are straight with an Invisalign aligner that qualifies for good dental hygiene will let you contain more harmful dental issues.

Non-Invasive Scanning

Due to technical advancements, Invisalign doesn’t use intrusive measures to take the detail of your teeth. In most treatments, you won’t even need traditional impressions. Using 3D scanning technology, dentists can take a full scan of your teeth without using an x-ray or any other intrusive method. These scans then get converted into 3D prints that experts use to make required aligners.

Boosts Self-Confidence

Another benefit of invisible aligners are they are created from a clear resin to fit your teeth. Meaning they are virtually invisible, so many people won’t even notice you are straightening your teeth, unlike traditional braces. Teenagers are more likely to be teased and mocked because of metal braces. Using an invisible aligner can help them get straight teeth to increase confidence.

Less Dental Visits

With invisible aligners, you do not need to pay frequent visits to your dentist in Reno; the visit will be short & less invasive. You will need to see your dentist in Reno every four and six weeks, but between then, you will already have a set of aligners to change every two weeks. Because the aligners get designed and built, you won’t require any additional dental work to correct your teeth.

Eat Any Food & Drink

The only thing you should consume with your aligners is cold water. Otherwise, food particles can get stuck inside the aligners, rendering bacteria and plaque formation. Once you remove them, they should be positioned safely in their travel container to evade contamination or misplace. After you finish eating, you must consider brushing your teeth or rinsing with water before placing your aligners back in so you can avoid any food particles getting attached between your teeth and the aligner. 

Shorter Treatment Period

The benefit of using invisible aligners is that most treatments last about a year. Because of their invisible design, most people won’t even notice you are wearing them. A year of Invisalign treatment can fly by if people hardly observe you wear something. If you do not wear your aligners as much as possible in the correct way, your treatment may get extended.


Invisalign Treatment In Reno

If you want to know how Invisalign works & you got tired of hiding your crooked smile, today is the day you get it treated. Contact our orthodontic dentist today to get Invisalign clear aligners. Our dental office is in Reno & our professional dentists are keen to help you get a healthier smile.