Cosmetic Dentistry Gives Sparks Residents Perfect Smiles

Cosmetic Dentistry Gives Sparks Residents Perfect Smiles

Hi. I’m Dr. Shane Sykes, and I’ve been a dentist here in Reno since 2011. One of my favorite things about being a dentist is seeing how my Reno area patients find renewed confidence in themselves after a smile makeover.

If you’ve ever wanted to improve your smile, call me today at 775-322-5016 so we can talk about your cosmetic dentistry options.

There have been numerous advances in the field of cosmetic dentistry in recent years and you may be surprised to find out what your Reno dentist can do for your smile.

Teeth whitening is a common procedure in Sparks dental offices, but the results can be dramatic! Brighter teeth can be the centerpiece of your new, youthful look.

Veneers are designed to cover the front of the teeth and are custom-made for each individual patient. These are useful for Reno patients who have broken or chipped teeth, stained teeth, or gaps between teeth that they would like to hide.

Enamel shaping, bonding, and braces are other important procedures that can be used to help your teeth look their best.

So, why wait, Sparks? Now is the time to get the smile you’ve always wanted, and I’m here to help. The knowledgeable staff here at The Reno Dentist would love to answer any questions you have about these cosmetic dentistry procedures as well as bridges, crowns, and general oral health.

We are currently accepting new patients, so contact us today!

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Dental Check Up

Sparks NV, It Is Time For Your Dental Check Up With Your Dentist When is the last time you had a dental checkup? Most people in the Reno area between the ages of 25 and 80 need a dental checkup every six months. If you live in Reno and are at higher risk for oral diseases, you should have your teeth checked every four months, or at least three times a year.

Come into our office, located at 855 W Seventh St Ste 200 in Reno, or give us a call to make a dental appointment. You can visit our website at for more information.

Most people in our Reno community are in a medium to low risk category. However if you use tobacco or alcohol, eat a lot of sugar in your diet (including lots of soda), or have poor oral hygiene habits, you are likely in a higher risk category and should have your teeth checked right away.

I look at a lot of factors to determine your personal dental hygiene, and your dental outlook for your future. I want you to have the healthiest smile possible so that you can enjoy your teeth for many years without significant problems. If you live in the Reno area and are ready to have your teeth checked, please give The Reno Dentist a call.

Our knowledgeable staff will be ready to get you started with a dental checkup.

Talk to you soon.

—Dr. Shane Sykes, DMD, Dental check ups for the Reno community. Reach us at 775-322-5016.

Affordable Dentistry

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry In Sparks NV The worry about finding affordable dentistry in Reno is one of the biggest reasons why many people in the Reno area avoid going to the dentist. However, the truth is that affordable dentistry is available in Reno at The Reno Dentist, and we want to help you get the dental care you need at an affordable price.

We specialize in affordable dentistry including cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and general dentistry.

Our affordable dentistry options include offering various payment methods. We also have an experienced staff who can review insurance options and discuss payment planning to help you afford your dental care.

affordable dentistry is available to everyone in the Reno community. Give the knowledgeable staff at The Reno Dentist a call at 775-322-5016 to discuss how we can provide you and your family affordable cosmetic dentistry.

Our office is located at 855 W Seventh St Ste 200, in Reno. We service the 89503 zip code area.

We can make you look and feel great

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