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Sparks Smile Makeovers Hello friends of The Reno Dentist. Welcome to my Reno dentistry blog. This site is for my valued patients and anyone in the Reno area who is looking for a local experienced and considerate dentist.

I invite you to call 775-322-5016 to schedule an evaluation.

I’m not talking about an ordinary dental evaluation, although I will certainly examine your teeth and gums thoroughly and advise you on any required preventative or restorative needs. I invite you to perform your own evaluation of me and my dental practice.

I encourage you to evaluate:

  • My education, experience and cosmetic dental skill
  • The variety of services we provide at The Reno Dentist
  • My recommendations about your dental needs
  • Before and after photos of my smile makeover patients
  • My philosophy of preventative dentistry
  • The length of the wait time for your appointment
  • My office atmosphere and the attentiveness of my considerate professional dental team
  • All the extras that make your dental visits pleasant and comfortable
  • My ability to explain the vital technical details of procedures and characteristics of restorative materials
  • The many services available at The Reno Dentist including general dentistry, beautiful smile makeovers, and oral sedation
  • My The Reno Dentist website at https://www.therenodentist.com/

Fair enough? I will evaluate your dental needs and you can think about everything about me and my Reno dental practice. I believe that you will like what you find.

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Debunking Dental Myths

Carson City cosmetic dental and tooth implants

Today’s The Reno Dentist blog post focuses on three dental-related myths prevalent in the Sparks area.

All Sugar Is Equally Bad For Teeth
We all know that sugar increases our risk of tooth decay, but some types are worse than others. Sugar-based foods that sit on the teeth are more dangerous than those that are swallowed immediately. For example, sipping a soda or sucking on a mint can be worse than eating a candy bar all at once.

You Don’t Need To Worry About Baby Teeth Because They Will Fall Out Anyway
Healthy primary teeth serve several important purposes. They allow the child to eat and speak properly. They retain proper spacing of teeth. A healthy smile instills confidence and self-esteem. Healthy baby teeth eliminate the pain of decay which disrupts normal daily activity.

Pulling A Tooth Is Just As Good As A Root Canal
We will let the American Associate of Endodontists explain this one:
Saving your natural teeth, if possible, is the very best option. Nothing can completely replace your natural tooth. An artificial tooth can sometimes cause you to avoid certain foods. Keeping your own teeth is important so that you can continue to enjoy the wide variety of foods necessary to maintain the proper nutrient balance in your diet. Endodontic treatment, along with appropriate restoration, is a cost-effective way to treat teeth with damaged pulp and is usually less expensive than extraction and placement of a bridge or an implant. Endodontic treatment also has a very high success rate. Many root canal-treated teeth last a lifetime.1

At The Reno Dentist, we provide accurate answers to all of your dental questions.

If you are interested in root canals, porcelain veneers or Invisalign, call us today to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Shane Sykes
The Reno Dentist
855 W Seventh St Ste 200
Reno, Nevada 89503

1“Myths About Root Canals and Root Canal Pain,” American Associate of Endodontists, http://www.aae.org/patients/treatments-and-procedures/root-canals/myths-about-root-canals-and-root-canal-pain.aspx, accessed June 4, 2014